Xotof 2.1.1 Released

We discovered a couple of last minute bugs so we have added a point release to deal with them.


Get it now in the Android Market


Please continue to send us your feedback!

Don’t forget to enable the REST API module for Gallery 3, so Xotof can communicate with your server!


  • Fixed ActionBar to work correctly with photo uploading
  • Corrected German translation



3 thoughts on “Xotof 2.1.1 Released”

  1. I’m a HUGE Gallery3 fan, but my personal Gallery3 install is protected by .htaccess and I have yet to find a client that works with this protection. How difficult would it be to add the capability to authenticate this first layer of protection? Thanks!

  2. Hi. Great app but I have 2 questions:

    1. Please can you add an option to display image caption instead of image title.

    2. Why do my thumbnails look really blurry? In your example gallery they look perfect.


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