Xotof 2.5.2 Released!

That’s right it’s a double release weekend! I finally found a bit of time to look at some nagging log in problems and the fact that the first picture in an album doesn’t always show problems. Both should be fixed now!


Please continue to send us your feedback!

Don’t forget to enable the REST API module for Gallery 3, so Xotof can communicate with your server!


  • Fixed display of the first image in an album
  • Made gallery address detection more robust during log in

12 thoughts on “Xotof 2.5.2 Released!”

  1. Cannot upload pics to a folder, the app crashes.

    I am running this on a necus 5 kitkat 4.4.2 and xotof 2.5.2 and gallery3 3.0.9 with rest api enabled.

    How can i see logs of why this is happening?

    1. Same here, I have it all set up with the REST API enabled, but still cannot upload anything, only get “upload error.”

  2. – no full resolution upload or it’s hard to find it
    – I uploaded 40 photos, some of them failed, but it’s hard to find them, because there are a lot of success messages
    – upload process stalls sometimes. Uploaded 131 photos. First time it stalls with 81 photos remaining, second with 28 photos remaining. Still trying to upload in one batch.
    – abort of stalled upload process doesn’t work, need to force stop application

  3. downloaded xotof 2.5.2 on android kitkkat 4.4.2 on Nexus 5. Installed latest Gallery 3.x on ubuntu 10.04 lucid. Cannot get upload from xotof to gallery to work. Log file on Gallery states 403 forbidden error in rest when trying to user authenticate. Crash report on android shows null pointer exception at java.io.file.fixSlashes(file:java:185)
    Not sure how rest api key gets assigned? Does android app read db to assign rest api key correctly? Would be glad to beta test for you. Any recent patches available?

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